Monday, February 13, 2017

Social Security Disability Benefits are Available for Broken Bones

You may think that you can easily obtain Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits for a broken bone since the injury is so obvious, and you’d be wrong. The problem with bone fractures is that you can only qualify for SSDI if you’re likely to be disabled for at least a year. Unfortunately, fractures often heal in less than a year, compelling SS evaluators to deny you initially unless you can provide further proof.

Though most fractures heal without permanent injury, this might cause several complications that can lead to disability. If you’re able to prove this, then you increase your chances at getting approved. Complications that can arise from a broken bone include:

  • Bone fragments that damage adjacent tissues
  • Severe swelling that leads to immobility or compartment syndrome
  • Blood clots
  • Open fractures that cause deep bone infection

Complications can also arise from treatment. For instance, even if a surgery is successful, improper healing can still happen in certain situations. Bones may fail to hear together, nerves and blood vessels may have been severely damaged, or maybe the skin covering the injury has become too thin.

There are two ways that a person with a bone fracture can be eligible for SSDI benefits. First, the injury must meet a listing in the Social Security Blue Book. Secondly, the injured individual must prove he or she is unable to perform gainful work. Although nobody wants to have complications with their injury, they can be useful in getting you the benefits you seek.

An SSD lawyer can help immensely on these matters. Although no lawyer can guarantee that your application will be approved, working with one can significantly improve your chances.

Getting Social Security Disability for Bone Fractures, DisabilitySecrets.com

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